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Activity: Wireless technology timeline

This content is provided by the 49ers Museum Education Program.


Today, the ways that people communicate our ideas, discoveries, and knowledge is faster than ever before. The science behind wireless communication makes those exchanges happen by broadcasting data over vast distances without a single wire. A large number of electronic products are designed to allow people to communicate wirelessly all over the world.
You are tasked to complete a fun poster project about how wireless technology has changed through the years and its impact on the game of football!

Project overview

In this activity, you will research the history of a specific wireless technology invention that is currently used today. You’ll then create a pictorial timeline showing how that type of wireless invention has evolved through time.
A timeline is a graphic depiction of events that happened throughout history. A timeline can be written vertically (up and down) or horizontally (side to side).

Materials needed

  • Computer or handheld tablet
  • 11X14” poster paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers


  • You must have a minimum of six (6) different pictures, dates and important events related to your technology
  • Make your timeline as colorful and vibrant as can be! Be creative! You can make items “pop” off the page using a balance of two and three dimensional objects if you choose
  • You can either complete the timeline on poster paper or create it digitally on your computer or tablet

Step 1

Using the Internet, research various wireless inventions over the last 50 years.

Step 2

Choose one type of wireless technology that has changed its physical appearance since its creation (e.g. a computer, phone, car, and wireless toys).

Step 3

Decide what you want your timeline to show: events, dates, types of images, etc.

Step 4

After you have gathered all of your facts about your wireless invention, you are now ready to organize this information in chronological order. Usually, a timeline goes from left to right or up to down, with the earliest event as your starting date. Mark the earliest date of the invention at the beginning of your timeline, and document what important fact happened on that particular date. Then mark the other important dates as you progress to the most current date on your timeline.

Step 5

You must also determine what units of time you would like to use (decades, months, days, etc.) and divide your timeline into equal segments. Here are a few ways that you can segment your timeline:
  • Count the number of segments that your timeline will showcase
  • Simply draw a straight line either vertically or horizontally with a ruler and divide it into the number of equal segments that are needed to adequately share your information
  • Lay out where the dates and events would fall on the timeline and understand how you would like to label them
  • For example, you can write on the timeline, type out labels on your computer and print them out on colored paper; and even color-coordinate labels by the period of time

Step 6

Create a visual technological timeline on poster paper that charts how the appearance and function of your product has changed throughout the years. Sketch/print, and cut out pictures of the wireless invention and place it in chronological order.

Step 7

At the end of the timeline, design what you think the wireless invention might look like in the future.

Step 8

On the back of the poster timeline, list the ways your chosen wireless technology could enhance the game of football.


Reexamine what you have researched and learned about wireless technology in this activity and answer the following questions:
  • What need is being met by your technology?
  • What item(s) satisfied this need prior to your invented item?
  • Describe the various ways your item is being used today in football.
  • Predict how the technology may be used in the future (whether in the game or elsewhere).
This content is provided by the 49ers Museum Education Program.

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