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Intro to millions and billions

The Indian system uses lakhs and crores to talk about large numbers. In the international system, large numbers are referred to as millions and billions. How are millions and billions related to the Indian system? Created by Aanand Srinivas.

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Video transcript

so if I have a hundred with me and if I multiply that by ten then I get a thousand if I multiply that by another ten I get 10,000 10,000 and if I multiply that by another ten I get one lakh for five that's a lakh and if I multiply this by another ten then I get ten lakhs and I've got one more zero I hope I'm doing this correctly two zeros three zeros four zeros five zeros six zeros and you're probably familiar with this and then I finally go to my number of one zero zero zero zero zero zero one two three four five six seven all right so these are as large as the numbers we will mostly see and of course numbers can keep going forever and ever and ever but you know that all these have names in the Indian system so if I use green for the Indian system then I know this is 100 I'm going to write just a hitch for this this is a thousand this is our 10,000 so I'm gonna write t th 10,000 this is a lakh this is 10 lakhs and this is a crore and with this maybe you should write crore in capital so just a big guy so one hundreds thousands ten thousands lakhs 10 lakhs and crore and this is what we do in the indian system and what's interesting here if you notice is that to go from a thousand to a lakh you multiply by I'm gonna do this here by a hundred by a hundred so hundred thousands is a lakh and then you do the same thing to go from a lakh to a crore so you do a hundred to go from a lakh to occur so 100 lakhs makes a crore all right so starting from thousands a hundred times is a lakh and a hundred times again as a crore now this is the Indian system but if you go abroad and if you happen to talk to people who are not from India maybe they won't even know what Urlacher's and what akrura's we use these words a lot in India like if there is a corruption scandal we say that it was so many lakh crores corruption and then I don't even know how many zeroes go in it but then for somebody outside we might say it was some million millions of rupees or sometimes billions of rupees of corruption maybe a more positive example would be that you know the entire businesses and all that is worth millions and billions of rupees or dollars you know in terms of currency so million is one word a billion is another word it don't know why if I write capital it looks better yeah millions and billions and these are very big numbers just like lakhs and crores were very big numbers but then we still don't know how big they really are right so how big is a million in terms of thousands in terms of lakhs then compared to lakhs is a million bigger or is it smaller it's a billion bigger than a lakh is it smaller than a crore or is it bigger than a crore so let's try and answer these questions so I'm gonna remove these hundreds over here because you already know them so now we're gonna use these same numbers if you notice these numbers don't change they don't care like one followed by two zeros is always ten times smaller than one followed by three zeros and this keeps going on this relationship of multiplying by ten is always a constant the only thing that changes with respect to countries is what we call these numbers just the names so maybe I can use orange foil for what we do internationally so the good thing is that even internationally this number is still called a hundred and this number is still called eight thousand thousand maybe I should just stick to D thousand and this number internationally is also called ten thousand so till here we are the same India and the rest of the world is exactly the same it's starting from here that the difference starts coming so in India we call this a lakh right what is the lakh really it's a thousand multiplied by let's take this color again let's a thousand multiplied it by 10 multiplied by 10 so a hundred thousand is what we call a lakh in the international system the good thing or sums of the interesting thing is that they call this just a hundred thousand a hundred a hundred thousand so you start from thousand ten times that ten thousand ten times that again is one hundred thousand that's it you don't need a new word called luck in the international system so what's a lack called an international system it's called a hundred-thousand but then they do give a new name but that's for this number this number that we call 10 lakhs which is basically one followed by six zeros our first seven digit number that one is called a million it's called a million mi ll i o n a million so now you know exactly how big a million is it's exactly equal to ten Lux and so if you were to ask if I were to ask you which is bigger a million or a lakh you would say a million is bigger but not just you know just a little bit bigger but it's ten times bigger so you take ten lakhs and then you get a million and of course then what's a crore so it so happens that now a crore is just 10 times 10 lakhs right in lakhs multiplied by 10 gives you a crore so a million multiplied by 10 will just be 10 million so how big is a crore a crore is in India what we call a crore is 10 times a million so it's bigger than a million by 10 times but then we are done here the Indian system ends with this name everything else is just written in terms of crores like 10 crores hundred crores or a lakh crores or or a crore crores if you want to then what do we do about bigger numbers and these in the International System there are more and more names millions and afterwards there are billions so how big is a billion so now you guess that the billion must be bigger than a crore so let's start writing those numbers down so we're getting into very big numbers here right a crore is an eight digit number one two three four five six seven zeros and a one so eight digits so let's write down our next number to that which is multiplied by 10 so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 zeros our first 9 digit number and what would be called as in the Indian system we would call this ten crores then cruise that's the name we'll give to this this number and if I take that number again and if I multiply that by another ten then I get 100 you can see how easily it can become difficult to write these numbers and also count the number of zeros so one two three four five six seven eight nine zeros right and that's a hundred crores right so that's a very big number a hundred crores a hundred crores so in India we call the sten crores and a hundred crores what do we call this internationally so a crore was ten billion so what will ten crores be right you get ten crores by multiplying a crore by ten so in other words 10 million multiplied by ten so ten times ten million what we call a hundred million so ten crores is a hundred million now the next number that we have is a hundred crores this is where there's a new name in the International System so the International System if you can notice keeps giving new names every thousand times so in India ten times thousand multiplied by 100 is a lakh 100 multiple lacs multiplied by 100 is a crore so it's 100 times 100 times but here a thousand multiplied by a thousand is a million and a million multiplied by a thousand is going to be this new word here which is a billion B I ll I oh and a billion so if I have 1 billion rupees that means that I have a hundred crore rupees so is a billion bigger than a crore definitely and not just a little bit bigger it's a hundred times bigger so if you look at it over here you can see that you can start from a thousand and then take it a thousand times and then that becomes a million so million is a thousand times thousand and a billion is a thousand times a million so that's the international system and the Indian system next to each other