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Quadratic equations word problem: box dimensions (Hindi)

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the volume of a box is 405 meter cube of ICH box a discard total volume 405 meter cube dia why the length is X meters of scale length x meter say with is x + 4 meters with the sky x + 4 meter say and the height is 9 meters Oros box Kaju height hey boo 9 meter Saito Hamza kapa haka hey find the dimensions of the box gives boxcar length or width potaka Naoki height - honey but ahi a TOEFL Hammond's car length of adhesive but I can lie to Polly WA toe up is video Capas curly jig bar or is qu eek bar by Sigma Zeus a could try KJ polyup can circle that I say he hi Cooper whining like a try absolutely jaisingpur the Mooji like the Chiappa generation occurring here or the saying but the root right Yahoo got me chili album is a milky solve Kathy - Jessica manly tomato pasta Joey boxer AB kissy p-bog schedule volume hot ahem volume Jahoda a volume whatta hell length times width times sk height K barber length times width times height can maybe hum a boxcar volume potential jaga the chilli in values come appear acting or dictate yarmulke melt ahem - volume I'm a total DIY 405 meter cube to his kilogram Natalia 405 lenta media YX meters times width media YX + 4 y annika jubilant toga you see char meters ah Oscar vid hoga - yaja p oj x + 4 x height height to 9 meter maid the hui hey - ya say huh makes simple sigh question alia ki 9 x times X plus 4 men is right inside capella Lydia 9 times 6 oj + 9 x times X plus 4 is key value 405 K barber ho jayegi Tupelo Tommy Haas a is 9 cohort an Akiko sheesh Carter hey Kelly have Donna side 9 cinta according to open each a nine say divide canopy Yoho jaga one you happy i jegg a nine one nine nine foods are 36 Jota hey or for Nietzsche carry ho jayega four or five in each age Agra nine fives are 45 what a 2 / 45 a Jacob Yannick eHarmony bhasi aarya X times X plus 4 is key value 45 okay - chili romesco expand curtain here - yeah hamid a dega x times x oj x square x times 400 jaga plus 4x equal to 45 up is 45 comma left hand side Paley are they or worker Nikki Liam Dona side 45 subtract car dengue - honey how finally male Jagger X square plus 4x minus 45 equals to 0 a biame extended quadratic equation mil Gaya hey job x square catch a coefficient hey happy yay 1 Chanukah gram do numbers happy fine curly didn't catch a product have a negative 4500 gingka some is 4k Barbara Thomas could directly factorize curse actor him Dober 45k factors keepeth curry to eat cut see - Mary - of Sabella factor descarte who had nine or five cookin nine fives of 4500 tie to auger him 9 or 5 : - nine files of 4500 Velankanni happy 8 or negative a Yanni kaki in don't know me sick you see each value could negative onybody game ferrate is 4p discomfort lab work he in dona factors case some cook positive for on a bodega or a positive to be home a job in dono message of body value have o+ okay Yannick am positive 9 or negative 5 late ahead tomorrow cambogia nine times negative 5 negative 45 day [ __ ] or 9 plus plus of minus 5 an 89 - 5 for me for day they got to hamara conditioning up is satisfied ho here - up in cm is key directly factors cabaret vodka sec ta ta joy you have a quadratic expression a schedule factor song gave over Jiang X or Y plus 9 x + 9 a sky egg factor ho jaga x Dussehra factor ho jaga X - 5 X - 5 re equal to 0 of ec0 Garifuna here - yeah - yep r0k bravo Jay Yaffe te partiro keyboard oh joy about that X + 9 0 K barber head to enhance a Humboldt Shaq tank x- 9 k bar Abajo jaga Jager X - 5 0 k bar over here - yaha say Humboldt Zack tanki X Samara 5k Barbara Jagger or X actually Mejia X Joey is boxcar lente - yah - lint 5 meters Kiba robber ho sakta yah Finland negative 9 length - negative energy sector - year value hum neglect continue see him hurt are doing is I'm considered he in the he currently or exam aboard the Rudi Houda a kiss value co-op Co neglect coneja Donaghy is what Kathy on upon me shock eager to Yas a sip X key key value I x equals to 5 meter jokey da hua condition could satisfy her a key to his box schedule enter his box gallo Len toga whoa ho Jagger 5 meter is boxcar Javed hoga a box key Javed him with whoa hey X + 4 x 5 + 5 + 4 9 meters cubed ho jayegi or hide v 9 meter I may do a for history Casey ominous box key sorry dimensions pitar curly