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Arithmetic sequence problem (Hindi)

Sal finds the 100th term in the sequence 15, 9, 3, -3...

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Video transcript

find the value of hundred term 100th term of this sequence is sequence car a drama sequence the UEA is scum would solve our term pattern I double it to my qionghua key up is video cop Oscar they all say ich but could seize a rule try curry jelly ovum is a milky dignity aki risk a hundred termed yoga - penny - myopic showed us a periodic table Bernadette I want just emoji in tecnológica he actually happy Hokey arrived to vocal Nicola manly gym a hobby like the donkey Amara Tomkins I know me happy kiss donkey butt cutter here or ski happy him but I think you ski value K was key value or further miss Miyagi it's me home very happy are ye baat karta huggy ticket but you savor my peloton ki baat karu jana ki ng Molly j NT Valu a happy one Roger peloton ki baat karu to ski value to help a 15-degree or firm on DJ and key value ugly tompa pancetta and over gitis key value now in the who you fill n gerb Amara team Hodja Toyotas key value team he do a four-engine bomber of for Hajj Italian kerim Shah Tatum chaotically to s key value negative 300 k OD s EE sequence gentle arrive to take thing he happy ho Chiara belly or watch a cannon Keely subsea Pelham short kurta haegeum big thing he happy on 15 cent 9 Pickens approaching - 15 May 15 May under Maya happy 6 subtract contato -6 condita to May 9th upon junga chilly TK 4 9 7 3 / k Tsonga 9 Sager May 6 subtract car due to my three people John Vianney k -6 up 3 semi- 3 Kasongo so is 3 maybe agar May 6 subtract girl - I think 3-6 to watch a negative 3 there a guy on Hakeem impact on the hepatic round he pitch li term him a 6 subtract Kathy Jarrow - masha'Allah Tamil teacher I any kiss commissary ballsack donkey make fixed quantity add carom cookie 6 subtract karna brubber Hota Hai negative 6 odd Carnegie or EMA her stomach around - modular Tamil teacher I yawn iki make fixed quantity to capitulate karateka muchacha de Mille the béla bartók arithmetic sequence arithmetic sequence ho jayega two albums a bush hog a kiss 100 Tom yoga dependent whisk a general term lick takea Kiska general dump history ke kanaka the Molly Jo Seok jackie you jackie couch and hemara and here area and the term jihad Cathy the book is for me hoga to a germane 15 to 9 period too many eat but 6 subtract Kia second term proportional Kelly alderman 15 C third term pay at the hodo many eat bar or do bars accept idea where Sager mature three term P at the hodo many 15 may see each bar dobar or teen bar 6 KO subtract GI - I see a girl 15 Somali G and the term pay all ended dumbbell - muchacha karna hoga 15 May 15 me mooch a is sick Cambria Nicki and - one but six go subtract karna hoga and he came - off - of n minus one times six - masha'Allah any term LJ go do you see Terry Casey - yaja pay her cheese lick you here is come tourism or augur achieve silicon Abita here to his colleagues acting coach se9 picasa pachi - 15 women eat bar 6 subtract yehey Aniki 1 times 1 times negative 6 kima up a TK fill agar 15cm a 3b Picciotto is Camille exact Ajo 15 plus dou Berea / - 6 subtract K and K 2 times negative six Y Sigma JJ we have a fourth term proportional thought oh man 18 verse 6 subtract Kia and a 15 plus 3 times negative 6 the way see I got my energy dump a poncho to mange Tom watch a happy Tomas a happy 15 may see n minus 1 bar 6 KO subtract karna padega jockey actually 15 - yeah - mahalia - 15 - n - 1 times 6 k Barbara hey hey yeh yeh mera happy n it term ho jayega is calm which T and C represent County in Johor Gamera Haj Agha 15 minus and minus 1 times 6 care our 100th term ki baat karta handicap n ki jagah hum 180 a temerity hundred whoa jag of 15 minus 100 minus 1 times 6 Jonnie kimochi 15 minus 99 times 6 any commotion 99 bar 6 KO subtract cannot predict a 15 masive to take think is key value ki g $15.99 times 6 squared a cappella to 99 times 6 key to your jaga 9 6 of 54 Farage are happy nine six of fifty four or five fifty and nine 594 you were jaga - of 594 or ASCII value key I get so 594 mac-10 Jagadamba Sega 584 Phyllis miss a 5 channel jacket over check of 579 do ya Jack a negative of 579 kappa robber any key Jumeirah hundredths term ooga o- of 517 9 k barber watch i ago