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Example: Evaluating expressions with two variables (Hindi)

Evaluating Expressions with Two Variables.

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Video transcript

evaluate the expression a square plus 10 B minus of 8 when a is 7 and B is minus 4 but bus it Missy hey he is expression me mu J jaha Cohiba a decry or jitan II Barbie aid the kraaho whopping which is 7 Dahlia hey or jaha he be mushy be decry or jitan e barbie be decry hey wha mu J minus 4 all deny or this expression key value without any to mention working american disappeared a a video clip a poster key is sick but could sit right cuckoo pata hai ki kya karna hey chill here be some consider I could say hey to you hoppy iki jajaja me $7 a or b ki jagah hum a - $4 to jelly bus nullity hey to you by jaga 7 car whole square e ki jagah - $7 to yoga 7 2 whole square plus of 10 times b a b ki jagah much Italian - for Tom a Hibiki jagged a longer - four - of it yoga - yoga it chhoti SI bottom a shoddy under Haga maqsad it is Delta car Tata Kim a value store all the data leak in Bakke cheesy like Nepal Jotham Jotham area that chaotic he may he AHA papers it nelec do more volume akiha many hearts Easter all d leaking of Amira - 8 - [ __ ] him humbly Mucha questionnaire Donahoe lickin Wu expression kappahd - Hey - Joe pulizzi expression capital scotoma a change in the he can i ja ja ja mu J a or b decree him how much ever see don't know value school dalton a to help him a - 8p laguna chile abisco solve Kalitta - 7 cos square the yeah I'm a valued a dega seven sevens of 14 9 + off 10 times - for the other aqui aqui há me board must rule key according Pelham multiplication karna hoga okay bottom edition cats act a so yeah which I got 10 times - for eonni key - of 40 or - 8 - hey hey yeah Maura happy Achaia e Muskogee solve curtain 3 ho jaga 49 plus of minus 40 minus 40 kg barber hoga or minus of eight minus of fate Abby's cog is all Ferengi the made a pass 49 rupees a or Charlie's Rebecca cars a or are tropical or curse a yannis kemeras total 48 rupees cars a or 49 rupees made up nahi the 49 rupees marry up name is him a 48 rupees soccer Saturday town Tamara pass a crow pay a penny but shying gay jockey is expression key value ho jayegi Yannick a a pure expression ye dono Co substitute Carnegie bod one value homemade a dega joke is cancer Haj Agha