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Finding the point not graphed

Learn to spot the missing point on a graph! By comparing coordinate pairs to points on a graph, we can identify which pair isn't represented. This skill is key in understanding graphs, a fundamental part of math! Created by Sal Khan.

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Video transcript

Consider the following coordinate pairs. And they give us a bunch right over here. Which of those pairs is not graphed below? So let's see, 3 comma negative 2. So 3 comma negative 2, well, actually, that looks like that first one is not graphed. So 3 comma negative 2 isn't graphed. And you can verify that all of these others do seem to be graphed. 4 comma negative 8 is right there. Negative 8 comma 3 is right over here. 4 comma 6 is right there. And negative 1 comma 0 is right there. So let's do a couple more of these. So is negative 5 comma 0 graphed? Yep. It's right over there. Negative 4 comma positive 5 should be there. So that's not graphed. So let me just select that one. Let's do one more of these. Negative 8 comma 4, so negative 8 comma 4, we got lucky. The first one is not graphed-- negative 8 comma 4. And we're done.