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we are told subtract and they want us to subtract 9 from 17 or to figure out what is equivalent to 17 minus 9 and they give us a hint they say use the number line to solve 17 minus 9 so what's going on over here so on this number line we can see 17 right over here and it looks like they took 9 steps to the left which makes sense because we are subtracting 9 we were taking 9 away so pause this video and using this hint think about what 17 minus 9 is equal to alright well if we start at 17 as we do right over here and refer to take 9 steps back where do we end up well let's see one step two steps three steps four steps five steps six steps seven steps eight steps nine steps looks like it gets us to well it took us seven steps back to get to 10 and it looks like we took two more steps so this would be nine right over here and then this is eight so it looks like 17 minus nine is equal to eight or another way we could write that is eight is equal to 17 minus 9 and we're done