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let's add 536 to 398 I'm going to do it two different ways so that we really understand what this carrying is all about so first we'll do it in the more traditional way we start in the ones place we say well what's 6 plus 8 well we know that 6 plus 8 is equal to 14 is equal to 14 and so when we write it down here in the sum we could say well like the 4 is in the ones place so it's equal to 4 plus 1/10 so let's write that one 10 in the tens place and now we focus on the tens place we have one 10 plus 3 tens plus nine tens so what's that going to get us one plus three plus nine is equal to 13 is equal to 13 now we have to remind ourselves this is 13 tens this is 13 tens or another way of thinking about it this is three tens this is three tens and one hundred and one hundred you might say wait wait how does that make sense remember this is in the tens place when we're adding a 110 plus the three tens plus nine tens we're actually adding we're actually adding 10 plus 30 plus 90 and we're getting a hundred and thirty and so we're putting the 30 the three in the tens place represents the 30 so this is the 3 the 3 represents the 30 and then we're reor we're placing this one in the hundreds place 10 tens is equal to a hundred and now we're adding up the hundreds place one plus five one plus five plus three is equal to let's see one plus five is equal to 6 plus 3 is equal to 9 but we have to remind ourselves this is nine hundred this is in the hundreds place so this is actually this is actually one hundred one hundred I want to make all the colors the same so this is actually 100 plus 500 plus 300 plus 300 let me get the color coding right plus 300 is equal to 900 is equal to that's exactly what we got here 100 plus 500 plus 300 is equal to 900 and we're done this is equal to 934