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what I want to do in this video is compare the fraction 7/10 to the fraction 8/9 and like always I encourage you to pause the video and see if you can figure out whether these things one of these is larger than the other or whether they are equal so for me in this video I want to think about it visually and I'm going to do that using holes of the same size that are circles so let me let me draw them or let me get them here so there you go so these are holes of the same size I'm going to compare 7/10 of this hole of this circle to 8 9 of this hole which is a circle of the exact same size if you're comparing seven tenths of a small circle to eight ninth of a bigger circle or seven tenths of a big circle to eight ninth of a smaller circle or a different shape then you really can't make the comparison but we're going to compare seven tenths of the same hole to eight ninths of the same hole now you can see the way that I've pre-drawn it if the circles are the same size but I've divided them into a different number of sections here since I have tenths I've divided it into you see that I've divided into one two three four five six seven eight nine ten sections over here since we're dealing with ninths you can see I've divided two one two three four five six seven eight nine sections but let's think about what seven tenths represents it represents seven of these ten sections so let me color them in so let me get my my coloring in tool so it represents one two three four five six seven out of the ten sections now what about eight ninths eight ninths is going to represent eight of these nine equal sections one two three four five six seven eight of those sections so which one of these is larger which one is larger well you can see very clearly remember we're using eight ninths of the same hole and seven tenths of that exact same hole you see that we have colored in more in magenta or this pinkish color than we have in blue so eight ninths is the larger of these two or we could say that seven tenths is less than eight nights and once again the way I remember what symbol to use we always want it opening to the larger of the two numbers or the little the tip is going to be pointing to the smaller of the two numbers so seven tens is less than eight ninths