CCSS Math: 6.NS.C.6, 6.NS.C.6b
Review the parts of a coordinate plane, and try some practice problems.


A coordinate plane has one horizontal axis, the x-axis\blueD{x\text{-axis}} and one vertical axis, the y-axis\greenD{y\text{-axis}}.


The x-axis\blueD{x\text{-axis}} and y-axis\greenD{y\text{-axis}} intersect at the origin\goldD{\text{origin}}. The origin\goldD{\text{origin}} is located at ordered pair, (0,0)(0,0).


The coordinate plane is divided into four quadrants. Quadrant one (QI) is the top right fourth of the coordinate plane, where there are only positive coordinates. Quadrant two (QII) is the top left fourth of the coordinate plane. Quadrant three (QIII) is the bottom left fourth. Quadrant four (QIV) is the bottom right fourth.
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Problem 1
Where is point A\maroonD{A} located on the coordinate plane?
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