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let's see if we can compute what 14 minus 2 is and then figure out what 14 minus 4 is and then figure out what 14 minus 6 is and I encourage you to pause this video and try to figure these out before I work through them so I'm assuming you've given it a try now let's think about it the number 14 just by how it's written we know that it's going to be one group of 10 that's what this one tells us plus another 4 ones so let's verify that we have 14 objects down here this is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 so we definitely have a group of 10 and we have one group of 10 here so that's my group of 10 so let me box that off so I have my group of 10 and then how many ones do I have I have 1 2 3 4 I have for once so this is indeed this is indeed 14 this one that we have right over here this represents this 10 it's one group of 10 this is one group of 10 let me write that down group of 10 and then we have 4 ones for 4 we I guess we could say 4 4 ones like that so that is indeed 14 now let's look at each of these what is 14 minus 2 going to be well we could take away 2 so take away 1 take away 2 and how many are we left with well we still have our one group of 10 so it's going to be 1 followed by how many ones do we have left over well we have two ones we have two ones left over one two so we are going to be left with twelve now what about 14 minus 4 so let me let me clear this out let me clear let me clear actually let me do it like this so if I clear that so what is 14 minus 4 going to be so now I'm going to take away one two three and four I've essentially taken away all four ones so what am I left with well I still have my one group of ten I still have my one group of ten and I have zero ones left over I have no ones anymore so now I have zero ones and so 14 minus four is ten and that makes sense 14 is ten plus four and now we're subtracting four to get 10 let me write this down this is the same thing 14 is 10 plus 4 10 plus 4 this is 14 and then we're going to subtract 4 then we're subtracting 4 so if you have 10 plus 4 minus 4 well the 4 minus 4 is going to be 0 you're going to be left with 10 plus 0 or just 10 we can do the same thing up here this is equal to 14 is 10 plus 4 10 plus 4 and then we subtracted 2 and then we subtracted 2 so we're going to be left with this 10 plus what's 4 minus 2 it's 2 so that's what we got right over here let me make this very clear this simplifies to 2 this 2 right over here this simplifies to 0 this 0 right over here now let's do the last one what is 14 minus 6 well we're going to take away 1 2 3 4 and then 5 and 6 so now we've broken into our group of 10 so this is going to be a one digit number and we are left with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so this is going to be equal to this is going to be equal to 8 and we're all done