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Two-sample t interval for the difference of means (calculator-active)


Fast food companies want their products to be as similar as possible across locations. Miguel is tasked with making sure that two locations of a fast food chain have burger patties of the same size. He takes a random sample of 30 patties from each location. Here are summary statistics for his samples:
Mass of burger patties
Location ALocation B
Sample meanx¯A=115 gx¯B=117 g
Sample standard deviationsA=2.8 gsB=2.1 g
Sample sizenA=30nB=30
Assume that the conditions for inference have been met.
Which of the following is a 90% confidence interval for the difference in mean weight (in grams) of the patties from the two restaurants (μAμB)?
Use a calculator with statistical capabilities to calculate the interval.
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