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Plotting numbers on the complex plane

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move the orange dot to negative 2 plus 2i so we have a complex number here it has a real part negative 2 has an imaginary part you have 2 times I and what you see here is we're going to plot it on this kind of two-dimensional grid but it's not our traditional coordinate axes and our traditional coordinate axis you're plotting a real x-value versus a real y-coordinate here on the horizontal axis that's going to be the real part of our complex number and our vertical x is going to be the imaginary part so in this example this complex number our real part is the negative 2 and then our imaginary part is a positive 2 and so that right over there in the complex plane is the point negative 2 plus 2i let's do a few more of these so 5 plus 2i once again real part is 5 imaginary part is 2 and we're done let's do two more of these 1 plus 5i 1 that's the real part plus 5i right over that I am alright let's do one more of these 4 minus 4i real part is for imaginary part is negative 4 is negative 4 and we're done