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so let's get some practice simplifying polynomials especially in the case where we have more than one variable over here so I have 4x squared Y minus 3x squared minus 2y so all that entire expression plus the entire expression 8 X Y minus 3x squared plus 2x squared y plus 4 so the first thing that jumps out at me is that I'm just adding this expression to this expression so to a large degree these parentheses don't matter so I can just rewrite it as 4x squared Y minus 3 x squared minus 2 y plus 8 XY minus 3x squared plus 2x squared y plus 4 now we can try to group similar terms or like terms so let's think about what we have over here so this first term right over here is a 4x squared Y so can I add this to any of the other terms here do we have any other x squared Y terms well sure this one right over here is another x squared Y term if I have 4 of something in this case that 4x squared wise and I add 2x squared wise to it how many x squared Y's do I now have well 4 plus 2 I have 9 ow have 6x squared 6x squared wise now let's move on to this term so I have negative 3x X Squared's do I have any other more do we have any more X Squared's in this expression right over here well sure I have another negative 3x squared so if I have negative 3 or something and then I have a nugget there negative 3 I end up with negative 6 of that thing so it's negative 6x squared now let's think about this negative 2y term are there any other Y's over here well it doesn't look like there are this is an 8 X Y this is a 4 there's no just Y's so I can't really add that to anything so I'll just rewrite it negative 2y and then 8 X Y well once again doesn't seem like that can be added to anything else so just write that over again and then finally we just have the constant term plus four and it pretty much looks like we're done we have simplified this as much as much as we can