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which expressions are equivalent to X plus 2y plus X plus 2 select all that apply alright let's see if I can if I can manipulate this thing a little bit let me just rewrite it so I have X plus X plus 2y plus X plus 2 so the first thing that jumps out at me before I even look at these choices here I have an x over here I have an x over there well if I have one X and then I can add it to another X that would be 2 X so I could rewrite this let me just in a different color I could rewrite this X and this X if I add them together that's going to be 2 X so this is let me actually let me I don't want to skip any steps so that's X plus X plus 2i now I'm just switching the order plus 2 and then these two x's right over here I can just rewrite that as 2 X so if 2 X plus 2 I plus 2 y plus 2 now let's see out of all of my choices so this one this is 2 X plus 4 y plus 4 so that's not right I have to 2 X plus 2y plus 2 so I can rule this one out now this one's interesting it looks like they have factored out a 2 let's see if we factor out a 2 here what happens so we do see that 2 is a factor of that term it's a factor of that term and it's a factor of that term so let's see if we can if we can factor it out so this is going to be 2 times X I'll do the X in that same magenta color 2 times X plus you have just a Y left when you factor out the 2 and then if you factor out a 2 here just going to have a 1 left so 2 times X plus y plus 1 which is exactly what they have over here and since I was able to find a choice I will not pick none of the above