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Assigning content to your students

Creating assignments on Khan Academy

Why should you assign content? If you are wondering why we need to assign content, then read the following carefully.
  • You can take charge of student learning.
  • You know in which areas your students are doing well and where they need additional practice.
  • You can see scores, and names of the students who are ready to move to the next topic and those who need additional support from you but only when you assign the content to students.
How to Assign Content?
  • In order to assign content, select Class from the teacher dashboard, click the Assignment tab on the left, select the content and click on the box on the right and then click on Assign
  • It is recommended that you preview each content before assigning them.
  • The number in the bracket beside the assign tab shows the number of assignments selected.
  • Once you click on Assign, you can select students to assign content to, assign same or different content, choose the due date and time by which students should complete the assignments.
  • The scores tab below assignments takes one to the progress and scores of students.
  • The manage tab below scores tab helps teachers to edit/delete assignments and change the due date.
  • Teachers can assign the entire content too when they create a course mastery goal.

Student Experience

As we said it's essential for you to get the learner experience to understand how students can see and work on assignments. This will help teachers to answer all queries pertaining to assignments.
  • Once students log in, they will see classes they have joined and courses they opted for. Under ‘My Accounts’, they can see their progress, profile, and teacher information.
  • A student can view assignments in the menu on the left. It will be in the order of the due date of each assignment. They can also see their mastery level.
  • As the students work on assignments they get instant feedback. There are hints and related videos available for help.
  • Students can attempt multiple times as they learn from their mistakes by clicking on the “try again” icon.
  • As they complete exercises with 100% marks they will see the ‘Up next’ option and ‘Next assignment’. Up Next option is for course mastery and the Next Assignment is for the next assignment assigned to them.
  • Smartphone users can find the same options at the end of an exercise by clicking on the ‘continue’ button.
  • Students can complete the assignments from any device and from anywhere, be it at home, or in class.
  • The student gets feedback on their performance at three levels of course mastery.
Attempted - where a student has less than 70% correct responses
Familiar - where a student has 70% or more correct responses
Proficient - where a student has scored 100%
  • Under the progress tab on their learner home, students can see their own progress and the time they have spent on the platform.
  • Under the profile tab, they can see the badges, avatars and energy points they have earned after spending learning time on the platform, watching videos and completing exercises (laptop & mobile screen)
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