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Help your students track their learning

Help your students track their learning

Help students track their learning

Empower your students to take ownership of their learning while removing progress tracking from your plate. Student data tracking not only saves you time but also allows students to see the connection between their efforts and their growth. With Khan Academy’s new student data trackers, your students can monitor their performance on the skills they are practicing through assignments and course mastery goals.
Image of a student data tracker.
Example: Assignment tracker, 6th-grade math
Each tracker is available as an editable Google doc that you can take, copy, and adapt to suit your own context, needs, and goals.

Suggestions for getting started

Discuss learning targets and goals with your class.
  • Set up a system so your students know when it is time to fill out their data tracker.
  • Create a data folder (digital or physical) where students keep track of their performance.
  • Intentionally meet with students individually about their goals and progress.
  • Show students where to find their data on Khan Academy. If you need a refresher, check out this video on the student experience!

Assignments tracker | Version 1

Example assignments tracker
Recommended for: Elementary and middle school students
Description: This tracker enables students to monitor their learning time and progress toward goals on individual assignments on Khan Academy.
To get started, print or digitally share the trackers with your class!

Assignment trackers | Version 2

Image of a student data tracker completed.
Recommended for: Middle and high school students
Description: In addition to tracking learning time and progress, this version ask students to reflect on their growth and on the support strategies used as they worked through the assignment.
If the support strategies you ask students to use are not reflected in the tracker, edit the template before sharing it with your class.

Course Mastery tracker

Image of a student data tracker filled out.
Recommended for: All ages
Description: For students working toward course mastery goals, this tracker allows them to set course and unit-level goals. As students master skills on Khan Academy, they will fill in each row.
Before getting started, explain to students what their course mastery goal is, how they will work to achieve that goal, interim goals, and the due date. We recommend students aim to master about 90, percent of the course.

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