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our next work is harmonium mountain by Philip Glass a Philip is maybe the most famous living composer today he's written concertos he's written the symphonies he's written operas he's written music for the film if you talk to anyone involved in the visual arts and you're asking about modern music then a Philip Glass will come up because he is so attached to so many great American artists this piece is no different it was commissioned by Agnes Gunn and Charles Simoni it was used for a friend of Mines video on using that's an artist clifford ross and using all these color panels coming together it's just wonderful how well it works as a modern piece but how much I feel like it is just as good as music with this modern artists work as if it were an old master having met juxtaposition is enhancing on both sides we call it minimalist because the material seems to be minimal at first but with the layering and the subtlety of the work there's a lot more going on I mean this particular piece starts just with the cellos and the violins playing pretty simple and then the cellos keep going and the violins change it to again just a little subtlety it's a little piece of genius fascinating charming interesting and absolute marvelous you