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Lesson 4: Meters in 6, 9, and 12

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here is an example of six for time from American composer Joseph chuan Turner's the poets our six beats in a measure with a quarter note getting one beat the next meter that we will discuss is six eight six beats in a measure with eighth note getting one beat this one is a little more complicated because at a slow tempo or a slow speed we can think of each measure with six beats in a bar but if the tempo is fast we divide the bar into two beats with each beat worth three eighth notes or a dotted quarter for a slow version of 6/8 let's listen to this beautiful passage for the oboz and English horn from revels ballet daftness and Chloe for a fast version let's listen to part of the Firebirds variation from Stravinsky's ballet the Firebird 9/8 continues with the same pattern in a slow speeder tempo each eighth note receives one beat with nine beats in a bar in a faster tempo the pulse is three with a dotted quarter note receiving one pulse or one beat 12-8 continues in the same pattern in a slow tempo twelve beats in a measure with an eighth note receiving one beat if we look at the opening of Stravinsky's Firebird we see twelve eight at the slow tempo with a feeling of twelve beats in a measure if we look at the same introduction a few bars later the pulse moves to four beats with a dotted quarter-note getting one beat you you