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This activity presents the driving question (DQ) for the unit. The purpose of the driving question is to help you stay focused on the main learning goal of the unit and helps you connect to this goal through all of the other big ideas you’ll cover in Unit 1.


At the start of each unit you’ll answer the driving question, what we call the DQ. Remember that this question will help you focus on the main learning goal of each unit. You’ll answer it once at the start and then again towards the end of the unit. The point of this is to see how your thinking has changed from the beginning of the unit when you didn’t know much about this topic to the end, after you’ve learned a lot!
The DQ for this unit is: Why do we look at things from far away and close up?
Download the Driving Question Notebook Worksheet and just answer the question for the first column of the worksheet.
You’ll revisit this question at the end of the unit to complete the second and third columns so hold onto this worksheet!

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