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The Buddhist guardian deity: Fudo Myoo

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Fudo mio is an important Buddhist Guardian deity revered in Japan he is believed to protect Buddhism and its followers in rituals devoted to him such as this one at she's a queen in Kyoto people inscribe wishes to Fudo which monks burn at his altar as a smoke WAAFs up the hope is that Fudo will provide protection as the bad luck and obstacles are removed from this earth many images of food Oh mio have been reproduced in Japanese art food Oh is recognizable by his frightening form and symbols with the sword in his right hand he cuts through ignorance and delusion the rope in his left hand is a symbol for his ability to rein in violent passions and evil he is surrounded by purifying flames which consume evil in the world legend has it that a ninth century Buddhist monk sailing back from China was caught in a storm the monk Kukai appealed to a statue of Fudo for protection the monk was rewarded with the vision of Fudo attacking the waves with the sword calming the storm and saving him the ship and its passengers Fudo was popular among samurai as a guardian figure on this armor the breastplate is emblazed with the figure of Fudo mio sometimes called the immovable one Fudo is steadfast even in the midst of danger his sword and wrathful expression making him apt symbol of the warrior spirit by destroying ignorance and temptation the sword also signifies wisdom notice Fudo symbols of the sword and bright red flames that emanate from his body here Fudo is shown running through the waves perhaps referencing his miracle in saving the monk sailing through the storm today this ancient god of protection is still much studied and rituals involving Fudo continue to offer comfort to believers you