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A photograph of a girl wearing safety goggles and doing science in a lab, surrounded by a microscope, beakers, and vials filled with different colored liquids,
When Cynthia Chapple grew frustrated by how few Black women were working in STEM jobs, she took action! STEM stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics." In 2019, Chapple founded Black Girls Do STEM, an organization that tries to help Black girls explore and achieve careers in STEM. Girls in the program develop identities as scientists, coders, and more, through actually doing things like science and coding. When she was in school, Chapple often had to leave her community to participate in high-quality STEM experiences. She also often found that she was the only Black woman in her STEM classes. She hopes that her program will ensure that other girls don’t have these alienating experiences and will instead see STEM classrooms and careers as places where they belong.
The author has this purpose for a sentence in this text:
Explain the role that Chapple’s childhood played in her desire to support Black girls in STEM.
Which of sentence achieves this purpose?
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