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Pets: reading opinions; Dogs Are the Best / Cheers for Cats 3


Read the two passages. They are both personal essays about the authors' favorite kinds of pets. Once you’ve finished, answer the question.

Dogs are the Best

by Alva Bravo
  1. My name is Alva. I work in a vet’s office, and see people and their pets every day. I can tell you that dogs make the best pets. Dogs are great companions and actually help keep people happy and healthy. For one thing, dogs are loyal animals. They like to be around their people as much as possible. Studies show that dog owners don’t feel lonely very much. Dog owners also report that their dogs are their best friends.
  2. Have you ever patted a dog when you were sad or mad? I bet that it made you feel better, didn’t it? Dogs bring comfort to people. Doctors say that being around a dog can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. One more reason that dogs keep their owners healthy is the fact that dogs need exercise. Dogs get you up off the couch and outside! Everyone should get a dog.

Cheers for Cats!

by Fatima Banik
My name is Fatima, and I volunteer with Friends for Life, a shelter that finds forever homes for cats. Cats are—by far—the best pet available. There are so many reasons that cats are great. First of all, it’s a scientific fact that cuddling your cat makes you less stressed. Did you know that there’s actually a “cuddle chemical” that’s released from your brain when you pet your cat? It’s true! Second, cats are good for fighting loneliness. It’s nice for people that live alone to have a cat to keep them company. Cats are comforting and provide companionship. Third, cats are cheaper to own than dogs. You don’t have to groom a cat—that saves money! So what are you waiting for? Go visit your local shelter, and adopt your next best friend!
Pick two ideas that are in both passages.
Choose 2 answers: