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Rural, Suburban, Urban: reading informational text; Communities and Changes 2


Read the passage, then answer the practice question.

Changing Communities

Communities are always changing. What are now large cities were, at one time, small towns. Take Tokyo, Japan, for example. It is the largest city in the world, but it started as a small fishing village named Edo. Later, the Japanese emperor moved there and made the city Japan’s capital, renaming it Tokyo. Today over 37 million people live there!
Cities usually start as small villages or towns when a few people settle there. Soon, more people join them. The community gets larger. Over time, more and more people come to the area. People build businesses, hospitals, and public transportation. Eventually, these cities become too crowded. Then, people look for more space. They move a bit further out, helping to create the suburban areas.

Practice Question

What TWO events caused Tokyo to become a large city?
Choose 2 answers: