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What are animations?

Congrats on learning how to make drawings with your programming skills! Now you'll learn how to turn those drawings into animations, with only a few more lines of code.
First, though, let's talk about what an animation is. How could you make an animation without programming?
You could make a bunch of drawings on pieces of paper, then flip those pieces of paper so the drawings go by in a sequence, and it would look like an animation. Well, it'd look like an animation if those drawings were each just a little bit different from each other. For example, check out this pencil-and-paper animation of a car driving down the street:
Pencil-and-paper animation of a car going down the street
It probably took a while to make that animation, though, and well, it's not that great. It's pretty shaky and it has no color at all.
But now we live in the future! We can make a better animation programmatically in a few minutes with only a dozen lines of code, like this one:
Programmed animation of a red car going down the street
Want to learn how to program that? Keep going!

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