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welcome let's talk about the web the thing that you're using right now the web is this vast network of connected computers and as of 2014 there are literally more than a billion websites a billion when I was a kid we only had 1 million and we thought we were cool what do we use websites for well in the beginning researchers used web sites to share their research like on high-energy particle colliders but now everybody uses it for pretty much everything maybe use a social network to chat with your family a photo website for sharing photos of your adorable kitty cats a travel website decide where to go on an exotic trip on our news website to figure out what's going on in the world and of course you must be using the Khan Academy website to learn so what's your favorite website actually I have a better question what website do you wish existed but doesn't yet maybe a website about yourself or about something that you love the cool thing is you can program a website yourself and you can learn how to do it here on Khan Academy start brainstorming what you want to make because you'll be able to do it soon enough first let's back up a bit and clear up some terminology what is the web exactly well like I said is a bunch of connected computers that have websites when a computer is connected to the web and spitting out a website we call a computer a server because it's serving the website a website is written using three languages HTML for marking up the website content CSS for styling it and JavaScript for making it interactive how do users like you actually see those websites well you use an app dedicated for website browsing like Chrome Firefox or Internet Explorer and we call those apps browsers browsers try to all show the same website the same way but they do have their differences which is why we sometimes say oops there's a bug in that browser try another one which browser are you using right now well you must be using that browser from some sort of device like a laptop phone tablet or even smart TV and we call those devices clients clients can be really different some are way smaller than others some have touchscreens others have keyboards some are black and white so websites have to try to work well in all sorts of clients what clients are using right now and that's the web well the two-minute version there's lots more to learn about the web but now I think it's about time to start having you write some HTML and CSS to make your own web pages