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Selecting your college

Choosing a college is a big decision that can shape your future. It's important to research each school and ask yourself, "Where will I be happiest?" Talking to current students and alumni can help. The best choice is where you'll be most joyful!

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  • blobby green style avatar for user Debbie Gittens
    Overall the information on the video is helpful, however coming from the caribbean and not entitled to federal aid it is difficult to even imagine going to university/college. My daughter currently has a 3.8 GPA and would love to go to Stanford, but it is too expensive. Can someone help in what direction I should follow. Thank you.
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    • blobby green style avatar for user Nischal Mainali
      If you want to go to Stanford, you should probably apply without much considering any financial hindrances because Stanford has a generous financial aid package to everyone irrespective of nationality. Instead of federal aid form you should fill the CSS profile and apply. If you get in, you won't need to worry about expense.
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  • aqualine tree style avatar for user Omer
    What are your guys dream colleges
    (2 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user kristinarie99
    How do you know you can be happy with your college? At what time do you know you would be happy?
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    • duskpin ultimate style avatar for user Dominic Nguyen
      Sorry it took a month for this answer, since happy is subjective, no one can answer this for you, in your case you could be happy with the college you go to, it would be better to apply to a college that meets your ideals, I personally would be happy if I meet new people that are "competent"
      hope this helps
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  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user 6sanjana priya
    Actually i am confused about my career . i am just completing my class 10 in just 12 days . i am interested in doing IIT but i am not good at math ..
    what should i do? Can any body help me out? please ......... .
    (1 vote)
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  • sneak peak green style avatar for user G. Tarun
    I love the Stanford admissions dean's advice, but have a question applying it: What if I'm 'deliriously happy' about the education of one college (with unsuitable living demand) and the personal life aspect of another college whose education provides no intellectual nourishment (which means I rely on my own learning to master things that matter)?

    I'm enrolled in one college whose education provides me no intellectual nourishment besides the legitimate degree that I can leverage, along with my own learning, for graduate school and meaningful work.

    I've been accepted to another great college whose education is nothing short of world-class, but whose living conditions are questionable, given my particular needs and abilities. In more detail, the rooms are shared with up to 3 other students,

    Now here's my conundrum: I'm 'deliriously happy' anywhere because I've learnt to find joy out of the quotidian. And, of course, I'm 'deliriously happy' at my current uni because I get a world-class self-education and the lifestyle I thrive in, and I'm 'deliriously happy' talking to the professors of the uni I've been accepted to, though I didn't feel that way about the realities of residential life.
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  • starky ultimate style avatar for user Brian Hutzell
    How much of this college advice also applies to older students, and in what ways would the advice be different for an older student?
    (1 vote)
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    • leaf green style avatar for user Elizabeth
      It depends on what's most important to you.
      Is it going to the very best program?
      Proximity to family?
      Fitting in with fellow students?

      As a non-traditional student your priorities and reasons for school may be different, so think about them and make the best decision for you.
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  • aqualine tree style avatar for user latta212
    what are some good colleges in engineering
    (1 vote)
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  • piceratops ultimate style avatar for user Severus Snape
    Does any one know of a good Cal State University where I can major in anthropology? It has to be CalState for a reason that would take to long to explaine..
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Video transcript

- Congratulations, you're in! This, your life, just changed. You're going to college, and that's amazing, and you should be so excited about that. I'm jumping up and down just thinking about it. Your life just changed. The truth of the matter is now I imagine perhaps, maybe, you got into more than one. You have several schools that you're thinking about and, maybe, you're even surprised and pretty excited, but now, actually, we find often the most confused, 'cause now you have to make a significant decision that really dictates, sort of, the beginning of the rest of your life. Which place should I go to? The truth of the matter is you need to do your homework, you need to really do a deep dive into the nature of these institutions and ask all of the questions you possibly can, of yourself, about one thing, and that is, "Where will I be deliriously happy?" If you can answer that question, by looking at these respective institutions, and part of it might be even in the engagements and interactions you might have with undergraduates who you talk to, or other people who've attended there, if you can answer the question, "Where can I be deliriously happy?" then that's the answer to the question, and that's where you should go.