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- I love being interviewed, I'm a people person and I love letting people know about myself. So when I was presented with college interviews I was really excited. And the biggest factor for me for preparing for those interviews was definitely getting to know my college. I didn't want to go in there, not knowing what it was about, and being presented with a question that was really embarrassing and me not answering. So, I definitely researched, looked into the things that maybe the interviewer wouldn't think that I would know. Some of those tick-tacky things that would surprise him and definitely make an impact. And going off on the impact, it is really important to make a connection with the interviewer. Definitely when you make a connection with someone they remember it more and it definitely makes the report that they're going to write about you really easy. For instance for me, when I was being interviewed by one college, I had a two hour converation with the guy, at one point we became friends. Simply because I made a connection with him. He starts talking to me about his family, I start talking to him in Arabic, it was awesome. And that's something, I really connected with him and he connected with me. So I know for a fact that he definitely wrote a good report because by the end of it, it was great. So it's definitely important just to make a connection. I was really inspired by what he said sometimes and through that you learn a lot about the interviewer and he'll learn a lot about you, which is really important.