Studying for exams? Get personalized help and practice with our quizzes

Are you or is someone you know in the depths of studying for exams right now? Khan Academy is here to help. We’ve put together some new quizzes just in time for finals:

- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Differential Calculus


These quizzes can help you master what you need to know for the big day. After taking each quiz, you’ll see how you did and get a personalized list of helpful videos. They’re perfect for tackling tough concepts or just getting a little extra practice.

Remember, You Can Learn Anything!


Start your Hour of Code on Khan Academy

At Khan Academy, we know how important computer science and computer programming are - in fact, the Khan Academy website wouldn’t exist if Sal didn’t know how to code! That’s why we participate in’s Hour of Code campaign every year during Computer Science Education Week - we want to make sure every student gets to learn the basics of coding.

From December 7 to 13, millions of students around the world will be learning to code - in classrooms, in after-school clubs, and with parents at home. We invite you to join the #HourOfCode movement by learning to code here on Khan Academy, picking from one of our three tutorials:


Hour of Drawing with Code: Learn to program using JavaScript, one of the world’s most popular programming languages, via two great options:
- Drag-and-drop: block-based coding for those with less typing experience or on tablet devices (ages 8+).
- Typing: keyboard-based coding (ages 10+).

Hour of Webpages: Learn to make your own webpages using the basics of HTML and CSS (ages 10+).

Hour of Databases: Learn the fundamentals of databases using SQL to create tables with data and query the data (ages 12+).

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Computer Science Education Week and spend an hour on Khan Academy learning to code!

- Pamela, Coder and Content Creator at Khan Academy


Khan Academy in Hindi

Today we’re happy to announce that learners around the world can now access Khan Academy resources in Hindi! If you speak Hindi, you can learn math through our video lessons and practice problems mapped to India’s NCERT curriculum.

Wherever you are - Mumbai, Jaipur, a village in Haryana, or anywhere else around the globe - we believe you deserve the opportunity to learn at your own pace and in your own language.

Khan Academy in Hindi brings us one step closer to our mission of a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, and we thank our friends at Central Square Foundation for helping to make this possible. We hope you enjoy Khan Academy in Hindi!

-Sandeep, India Country Manager at Khan Academy


All December gifts matched at Khan Academy


At Khan Academy, support from our community is crucial to our ability to provide a  free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We are proud to do this without charging our users or showing them ads. Every day, we receive generous gifts from those who have found value in Khan Academy and who want more people to have access to free world-class education. We truly appreciate these donors who help support our mission.

For the month of December, several of our supporters have created a pool of funds that will allow us to match every gift we receive from our wider community, from now until December 31. We are very grateful to the generous donors who made this possible, including those listed below, as well as many others who have chosen to remain anonymous:

- Bill and Tammy Crown

- Dan Carroll and Stasia Obremskey

- Smith Family Foundation

- Stiles-Nicholson Foundation

Make your gift today to help us create more lessons, build more practice problems, and bring a free, world-class education to more learners around the world. With every gift in December being matched dollar-for-dollar, your support will have double the impact!


Introducing LearnStorm 2016!


Last spring, we piloted a new kind of math challenge called LearnStorm here in our own backyard, the San Francisco Bay Area. LearnStorm was designed to help students learn how to learn, and it was a runaway success. Over 70,000 students of all ability levels participated, and we were flooded with stories about students who began to love math for the first time.


Now LearnStorm is back for round two, and it’s bigger and better than ever! We’re excited to announce that - in addition to the Bay Area - LearnStorm is also coming to Idaho, the Greater Chicago Area, and all of Ireland! Signups are now open, and the challenge starts January 29.

For more details, or to sign up, visit You can also like LearnStorm on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates.