Seeking medical content creators

2013-10-28 20:52:25 GMT

This past summer we ran a competition to find new medical content creators and the response was overwhelmingly positive (see new content from the winners here). The contest helped us identify a team of amazing content creators who are helping us build out our Biology, Chemistry, and Physics materials. But we’ve just gotten started and now we’re ready to push forward. We want to create free, world-class content focused on medical/healthcare conditions.

We have teamed up with the Jonas Center and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing to cover key concepts found in the NCLEX-RN (the nursing licensure exam in the United States and soon to be in Canada). This material will be an asset for the approximately 200,000 nursing school graduates who sit for the NCLEX-RN each year in addition to medical professionals and patients looking for information on various diseases.

If you’re interested in making free medical content focused on the NCLEX-RN topics and being trained as one of Khan Academy’s new healthcare content creators, Apply Here.

Or if you know someone who may be a great medical content creator, forward the link on.

The NCLEX competition begins today. We’ll be reviewing submissions as soon as they come in, so if you’re interested, get started right now! We’ll close applications when we have identified our core set of competition winners or by January 17th, 2014, whichever date comes first. Winners will get an opportunity to help thousands through their videos and questions. To hone their skills, they will get a 1 week training session (March 2-9) where they will work directly with Khan Academy and one another! Winners will then have the chance to be invited to become Khan Academy Fellows and join our team of healthcare content creators.

NCLEX-RN competition :