MCAT Video Competition

2013-04-02 22:06:56 GMT

Over the past 6 months we’ve added a significant amount of content, including over 150 medical and health videos, but we want to do more. We are now collaborating with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Association of American Medical Colleges (those are the folks that put together the MCAT® exam) to find new medical content creators. (See the press announcement here).

Together with RWJF and the AAMC, we will sponsor a competition to encourage medical students and residents to create educational tutorials (i.e. collections of videos, questions, and articles) about concepts that will be tested by the new version of the MCAT exam, which will be administered in 2015. Announced last year, the revised MCAT exam will include concepts from psychology and sociology that provide the foundation for learning about the human and social components of health. It also will include biochemistry concepts for the first time, along with the biology, chemistry, and physics content included as part of the current test.

If you’re interested in making free medical content for the world and being trained as one of Khan Academy’s new medical content creators, apply here:

The competition will run through June 14, 2013, and we’re going to invite the top video makers to join us for a one-week boot camp (July 14-21) to refine their tutorial-making skills. Winners may then be invited to become Khan Academy Fellows to work with Khan Academy on developing the next generation of pre-health and medical education content! Everyone will benefit: competition winners get to make great tutorials, we get to offer more content, and the Khan Academy community gets to learn about a whole set of new topics related to the new MCAT exam that will debut in 2015. It’s a win-win-win!