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- [Instructor] Welcome to Official SAT Practice, I'm Kitt Hirasaki the lead designer. Our team here at Khan Academy has partnered with the College Board, the makers of the SAT, to bring you official personalized and completely free practice for the SAT. Our system works by figuring out what skills you need to practice most and focusing your time on those. We also help you create a practice schedule based around when your test is and we have full length exams from College Board to help you get ready for the real thing. So when you first sign in you'll arrive on this page, if you've already taken the PSAT or SAT you can connect your Khan Academy and College Board accounts and automatically send your test results to us. That way you can start by practicing what you missed on the PSAT and we'll set the question difficulties to match where you are right now. If you haven't taken the PSAT or SAT no worries, we have a series of diagnostic quizzes that you can take that'll figure out your strengths and weaknesses and what you should practice first. So when you click sign in to College Board, you'll be taken to College Board so you cans send your test results to Khan Academy. Now that we're connected we'll read in your results and create your personalized practice recommendations. All right lookin' good. So on your first day you'll get started by practicing one of the skills that you missed on the test. You'll also go through the steps to create your practice test schedule. I have already created one here let me scroll down. So I'm scheduled to take the test on June 4th and the system helped me figure out when I should take my practice exams and I also scheduled the days when I want to practice throughout the week. So let's go ahead and practice that first skill. We have two areas Math and Reading and Writing. Your top three recommended skills to practice are shown here and you can see these are being recommended because they're ones that we missed on the PSAT. So for the ones I missed on PSAT the system has me starting at Level Two, as I answer questions right I'll climb up to Level Four which has the hardest questions. Now let me fire up this first recommended skill. When I'm working on a practice question I can show hints or I can also watch a video example for this skill and then once I've made my answer I can check it. No, didn't get that. But fortunately we give you an explanation for how to solve the problem. After you finish practicing these first three skills, you'll do a timed mini section which is like a real test section where you're under time pressure but it's much shorter, just 10 or 11 questions long. And then once you're done with that the system will give you three new skills to practice based on what you missed on the timed mini section combined with what you missed on your PSAT or your diagnostic quizzes. Then if there's specific skills that you want to get more practice on you can come down to the library and choose what you want to practice. You can also watch videos where Sal works through different examples. In our Tips and Planning section we have videos and articles about the test as well as tips for preparing for the test and in our Full Exam section we have four full exams you can take to get ready for the real thing. The SAT is a long test, it's three hours or four hours if you've signed up for the optional essay and it's very important to take practice exams to build up the endurance you'll need to do well on your test day. Then once you've finished a practice test you'll get your score, you can review your answers, and you'll get new practice recommendations for the questions that you've missed. So that's it, you can go to khanacademy.org/SAT to get started preparing for the SAT all for free. Good luck.