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Writing: Subject-verb agreement — Basic example

Writing: Grammar

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- [Instructor] Has the girls on the ski team ever competed internationally? So has would work if we're talking about one girl, if we said, "Has the girl competed internationally". But we're talking about girls. This right over here is plural. Plural, plural. So the form of has that we need is have. We need have. Have the girls on the ski team ever competed internationally? And if you want a good way of checking this, turn it from a question into a statement. Would you say, "The girls... "The girls, "girls have, "have competed"? Would you say this, or would you say, "The girls has competed"? The girls has competed. Now the second one, the second one, you have a... You have girls, that's plural, but then you're using the singular form of has. The girls has, no. The girl has competed, or the girls have competed. So you definitely don't want to do this. You definitely don't want to do has. You want to use... We want to use have.