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Writing: Pronoun-antecedent agreement — Harder example

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a creative honeybees arrived in my house by accident so I took them immediately to animal control all right so what is what is this pronoun them trying to refer to and so it might be tempting to say that it's referring to the honeybees but the subject of this of the first part this first Clause of the sentence right over here they didn't say honey bees arrived in my house they say a crate of honeybees so the subject here is actually singular it's a crate a crate this right over here is singular so when we when we use the pronoun we also want the singular form and you could try it out by replacing it with the word that it's referring to a crate of honey breeze arrived at my house by accident so I took the crate immediately to animal control so instead of the crate I wouldn't say damn I would say it I would replace the plural pronoun with the singular with the singular pronoun so I took it immediately to animal control this is a very this isn't one that'll will trip many people up many times because you see a singular thing that contains many things and so you might say okay well there i'm talking about a lot of honey bees so i want to use plural well that would be the case if we just said honey bees arrived in my house by accident so I took them immediately to animal control that would actually be okay but we're not but we're not talking about honeybees arriving we're talking about a crate one crate of honey bees arriving and so the the pronoun here is referring to that one crate so it should be it should be it