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Writing: Precision — Harder example

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all Molly wanted to do was navigate a direct route to the beach but our GPS kept losing its signal so what we're trying to do here this a precision question we want to figure out what word choice is the most precise is it navigate convey voyage or maneuver it's worth adding that we know that this is a precision question simply because a single word has been underlined and we need to choose whether in fact that is the correct word to use in context is it the best of the choices that are available so convey here four so we've got navigate that's our option a no change convey what is convey mean convey means to carry or lead from one place to another it can also be used metaphorically like to convey a message so that's that's something to keep in the back of our heads what does voyage mean like to journey so that's another that's another possible option and then maneuver to maneuver is to avoid obstacles to to to manually steer something all Molly wanted to do was navigate a direct route to the beach but her GPS kept losing its signal now that GPS is actually going to be pretty important to us for the purposes of this sentence absolutely that gives us the context clue we need to figure out which thing we need here what does a GPS do she's trying to get a direct route to the beach so she's not maneuvering anything she's not conveying anything she's traveling by trying to navigate a direct route to the beach so why is it why is it navigate and not voyage well in part because she's using your GPS okay so we're connecting this context clue to whether or not this word navigate is appropriate because the GPS the global positioning satellite device is what's allowing her to successfully find her way which is what navigate means that's right and then the big takeaway here is look for context clues in the sentence in the sentence as before-and-after questions like this to point you in the right direction much like a satellite