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Writing: Possessive pronouns — Harder example

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Oliver and Theo have lived on their parents sailboat for over three years so this version of their th ey apostrophe r e this is a contraction for they are they are so let's see if it makes sense if we were to replace this we should be able to replace the contraction with the thing that it's contracting so let's see Oliver and Theo have lived on they are parents a sailboat for over three years so this is clear this clearly does not make sense the intent isn't that right the contraction of they are the can the intent is to write the possessive of they and the possessive of they is th e I are not th ey apostrophe re these get confused all the time I've been guilty of it when I've been typing really fast my brain just kind of says what sounds like instead of saying anyway wait I need to use one there versus another there so th e IR so their parents and then we have this apostrophe after the S now this would you put the apostrophe after the S is if you if this is a plural possessive so and this is we're talking about more than one pair the we're not talking about one parents sailboat we have talking we're talking about their parents sailboats so multiple parents sailboats so this is so we'd go their parents so this one right over here so we definitely want to change it we don't want to say they are parents sailboat this one right over here it still says they are their so rule that one out and then this one right over here they got rid of the apostrophe there's no apostrophe right over here and you but you need apostrophe because we're talking about well whose sailboat is it well it's the parents it's the parents their parents sailboat so it needs to be a possessive parents so you need the apostrophe right over there so rule that one out as well