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Writing: Possessive determiners — Basic example

Writing: Grammar

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when my father told me that I was a bad driver I responded with only when you're sitting next to me alright so let's think about this we have your underline so what are we what are we trying to say only when you're sitting next to me so it sounds ok but really when we're saying you're sitting next to me we're trying to say you're as short for you are sitting next to me only when you are sitting next to me and that wouldn't be this your that would be the contraction you a posture why oh you are who I owe you ' r-e this is you are this is the contraction for you are so this is what we would want here we wouldn't want this we wouldn't want and they sound the same that's your you'd pronounced this your as well only when you're you are sitting next to me we don't want while you are while you are this is a second this is second person we referring to you but it's something that you have you're so the second person possess it so this is a second person possessive so this is if we're talking about you know something that you had or I responded with if they're talking to their father something that their father had only when I don't know your watch is on or something something that it's it's it's it's it's indicating some type of possession so this is second person possessive right over here which we do not want over there and this is this is one of those mistakes that I know I've done even though I know it if someone points it to Marion if I look carefully I of course you know this is you are while this is possessive but sometimes when you're typing emails really fast this is a very easy mistake to do because sometimes you just type as you as things sound but this we definitely want to go with you are we want to go you're the contraction for you are