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Writing: Noun agreement — Basic example

Writing: Grammar

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although they came from very different backgrounds author Brooks and grace hopper were an early pioneer in computer programming all right so who is an early pioneer well they're talking about two different people being an early pioneer you have Arthur Brooks and Grace Hopper so you have two people you have two people right over here and two people can't just be one early pioneer as the underlined portion implies it says an early pioneer well we have two people so they're both going to be pioneers so they are both early pioneers so I would want to replace that with early early actually let me do it this way I'd want to replace this with early pioneers in computer programming because we're talking about two people being pioneers not just one and that is this choice right over here if you look at these other two choices these would be incorrect because these are still referring to only one person a pioneer a very early pioneer we don't have just one pioneer we have two pioneers so that's why we want to go with pioneers