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Writing: Items in a series — Harder example

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my three favorite cities to visit are Kyoto Japan Barcelona Spain and Sydney Australia so the way it's written right over here is very strange because we're talking about our three favorite cities but they're listing the when they just separate everything out here with a comma it makes Japan look like one of the cities and we know that Japan isn't a city and it like Spain look like one of the cities it just lists Kyoto Japan Barcelona Spain but we know that Japan is just give telling us what country Kyoto is in and Spain is just telling us what country Barcelona is and so we really want to do is we want to separate Kyoto Japan from Barcelona Spain from Sydney Australia and so typically when you list things you would use a comma except when the things you're listing have commas in them then you would want to use semicolons so we definitely want to change this and ideally ideally we would put ideally we would put semicolons semicolon here and then another semicolon right over there now let's see which choices do that so we have an actually this last we already had a semicolon right over there so really just turned this comma into a semicolon so Kyoto Japan semicolon Barcelona Spain semicolon and Sydney Australia yep that looks great this one has the same issue Kyoto Japan Barcelona Spain and then they got rid of that semicolon and they put another comma so this one is strange once again it looks like it's listing more than three cities or it's counting Japan and Spain as cities and then it says Kyoto Japan semicolon Barcelona Spain but then they put the comma but heat when once we start listing things with semicolons we just keep listing things with semicolons so this one is not right as well