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Writing: Items in a series — Basic example

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owls have a very robust diet in fact larger species of owls are known to eat skunks rabbits and even porcupines so this was written in a very or the punctuation here seems very strange especially this semicolon right over here seems seems very seems wrong and then even putting the comma after the an there so let's look at the other option so I definitely want to change this so here owls are known to eat skunks comma rabbits comma so far so good and and then they put another comma well this seems off so because of that I'm going to rule it out or it doesn't seem off it is off you wouldn't put the comma after the end so here's skunks comma rabbits semicolon well that's that and like that from the get-go skunks comma rabbits comma and even yep that's right you put a comma after each listing your listing until you get to the end and then you just list the last thing this is this is the one that is correct