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Writing: Frequently confused words — Basic example

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the snow outside piled so high that we couldn't see thorough the window all right so what over here they've listed a bunch of words that sometimes people confuse or even if you read it real fast you might read it the wrong way or you might write it the wrong way if you're doing it really quick what we want to say is that we couldn't see through the window but this right over here this is Thoreau Thoreau means to do something completely to do something really well to do it thoroughly so this right over here we don't want to write Thoreau we want to write through so we look at the we look at the choices here so we definitely want to change it so we're not going to pick that and so this is the word through but this sounds just like the word we want but it's a different word this is th R II W this means that the past tense of throwing something throwing a ball he threw the ball so that's not the type of threw that we want this one over here it has a lot of letters in common with through but this doesn't spell through this spells trough trough is kind of where it kind of animals might get their water from or it's sometimes viewed as a low point in something it is not through so this is not true this is trough this right over here is the through that we want we want this through this means to go through something the snow outside the the snow outside piled so high that we couldn't see through the window th th ro u GH through the window this type of through throw a ball this is trough and what was originally there that was Thoreau to do something kind of really really completely