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- [Instructor] A total of 72 people participated in survey about their music preferences. The results, separated by gender, are displayed above. According to the survey, what is the probability that a male likes rap music? So let's look at the total number of males surveyed. So this column right over here, this is, these are the males that were surveyed. And we see that the total number of males surveyed is 35. So there's 35 males that were asked what is there musical preference. And we wanna know what is the probability that a male likes rap music according to the survey. According to the survey. So out of the 35 males, how many of them liked rap music? Well, we see right over here, four out of the 35 liked rap music. So based on this survey, this would really just be an estimate of the true probability, but based on this survey out of 35, four liked rap music. So your best estimate of the probability of a random male liking rap music based on this survey, according to the survey, would be 4/35 or four out of 35. And I'll look at the choices, and there we have it. Four out of 35 is actually the first choice.