Using Official SAT Practice in the classroom

For the first time ever, students have access to a free, personalized practice program for the SAT through an exclusive partnership between Khan Academy and the College Board. By making world-class SAT preparation available to anyone, anywhere, we hope to level the playing field so that every student has equal opportunity for college readiness!
Try out Official SAT Practice here.

What is Official SAT Practice?

With Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, your students can:
  • Get a personalized plan tailored to their strengths and weaknesses based on diagnostics or their previous PSAT/NMSQT or SAT results
  • Hone their skills with thousands of practice questions, video lessons, and hints
  • Take 6 official full-length practice exams (online or on paper)
  • Receive instant feedback and adaptive recommendations for what to practice
  • Set a personalized practice schedule to get reminders for when to practice
  • Review expert tips and strategies for the test

How can teachers implement Official SAT Practice in their classrooms?

Since launching Official SAT Practice, we have heard from many teachers looking to use the product in their classrooms, and we are excited to help teachers support students in their practice! We are continuously working to improve our product, and plan to release more teacher-centric features - such as being able to track student or class progress - in the coming months. We’d love your input on how we can best enable Official SAT Practice in the classroom. Please help us plan and prioritize by taking our teacher survey.
In the meantime, we’d love to share some helpful implementation tips and methods that have been successful with other teachers and schools.
  • Explore the resources to familiarize yourself with what students will see by creating your own Khan Academy account at
  • Understand how the SAT fits in with your curriculum - contact your local College Board office ( to request the "SAT and state standards alignment document" and review it to draw connections between the SAT and classroom instruction
  • Track students’ progress through journals, daily logs, surveys or polls. Use energy points or completed practice sessions as input data. You could also ask students to print the results of their practice tests, or an overview of their practice history from the Review Tab.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to share strategies and troubleshoot issues together
  • Develop a school action plan with measurable goals for the year, and continue to track those goals
  • Engage students’ families, volunteers or community groups to emphasize practice

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a separate, teacher-oriented view of the Official SAT Practice?
Currently, there is no such product, or teacher-specific view. We hope to build teacher-centric features soon - take the teacher survey to help guide us!
Can I see my students’ Official SAT Practice Activity on my coach dashboard?
While teachers can create a class and track energy points through the coach dashboard, other information about SAT practice (time spent, problems solved, videos watched, etc.) is currently not available there.
Until we are able to provide full teacher access to student data on Official SAT Practice, please consider asking your students to print the information from their personal Review Tabs before each class.