Full length SATs to take online

Take a full length SAT exam online, and start your personalized SAT practice on Khan Academy’s Official SAT Practice! We are excited to be collaborating with The College Board to provide free, world-class test prep for students like you. Let’s get started!
College Board + Khan Academy Official SAT Practice


  • Link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts to get automatic personalized recommendations based on your PSAT performance, or take diagnostics if you didn't take the PSAT.
  • Next, we'll recommend practice to you based on your results. You can practice skills any time you'd like to work on them, even if we didn't recommend them to you.
  • You'll find video and text explanations to help you understand how the test is structured and to learn the skills covered on the test.
  • Take some full-length practice exams, too. We recommend taking them without interruption to give you a sense of what to expect on test day.

Get started!

Visit the Official SAT Practice and hit the “Practice Now” button.
If you are a new learner, the website will start by asking you a series of questions, including whether you want to sign into College Board and send your PSAT results to Khan Academy
If you’ve already taken the PSAT and want to practice for the SAT, the PSAT can now serve as your diagnostic. All you need to do is link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts, and we’ll automatically recommend practice based on your PSAT results. We recommend that you link your accounts so that you can get started more quickly!
View this video to learn how to link your accounts.
Once you've done this you're ready to go! You can start by
  • Creating a study schedule leading up to the day of your exam
  • Practicing skills in reading & writing or math
  • Take a full length, timed practice exam and see your score immediately
If you have more questions, check out our FAQs. We wish you all the best with your studying!