Respiratory system diseases

Introduction to pulmonary diseases
Emphysema (COPD)
Chronic bronchitis (COPD)
Cystic fibrosis
Lung cancer
Pleural effusion
Nose, sinus, and upper respiratory track infections
Laryngeal conditions
Occupational lung diseases
Pulmonary hypertension
Throat conditions
About this unit
Our lungs are composed of a bronchial tree (think of an upside down tree with millions of leaves), blood vessels bringing blood in and out, and a protein-rich fluid that forms a matrix holding everything together! If any part of this well-balanced organ isn’t working properly, a person can be left feeling short of breath. The lungs are also exposed to the outside environment, making them prone to infections. To counter infections, the lungs are lined with cells that have tiny protein bristles which wave back and forth and can literally sweep away dangerous bacteria. Learn more about diseases of the lungs and how modern medicine helps to keep them healthy!