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Population growth and immigration


Zed is a developing country with many promising technical and biological research developments. The majority of the land in Zed is still used for agriculture. There are three major cities all localized along the coast to the east, Wornig, Frenik, and Hindar. Wornig is home to Wornig Industries, a tech company that is coming out with cutting edge advancements in artificial limb technology. Frenik is the main port of Zed, housing the resources for importing and exporting. Hindar University, located in the city of Hindar, has a world-class biochemical research department that is providing essential findings to biochemists around the world. Smaller towns and villages are scattered across the rest of the country typically ranging from 1,400 to 20,000 people.
In the last year, Zed has seen a rapid population increase. The statistics for 2012 are listed in Table 1.
Table 1. Demographics of Zed for 2012. Population data was collected on January 1, 2012. All other data represent January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.
DemographicNumber of people
Zed population5,000,000
Wornig population1,150,300
Frenik population680,800
Hindar population205,400
Notably, there is a significant amount of immigrants in Zed. Zed draws people from neighboring countries since it provides better education, jobs, and a more promising future for the next generation. In addition, neighboring country Y had a lot of political instability, which led Y citizens to immigrate. Once the “migrant path” from Y to Zed had been firmly established, immigration quickly accelerated based on kin and friendship networks from the same villages in country Y.
growthrate = populationchangeinitialpopulation ×100%
populationchange = currentpopulation initialpopulation
population changemigration = immigrants emigrants
What was the growth rate of Zed for 2012?
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