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6A: When you hold a glass of water, your brain perceives senses many bits of information about the glass - its temperature, its size, and its location in space. We perceive the environment through our bodily senses, including our sensation of pain, temperature, pressure, balance, and movement. In this module you will discover how our body gathers this information and processes it so that we can make sense of the colorfu lworld around us.

Somatosensation Questions

Questions pertaining to Somatosensation


VIDEO 7:44 minutes
Explore our ability to sense the environment through our body. By Ron.

Sensory adaptation and amplification

VIDEO 4:05 minutes
Sensory adaptation and amplification are discussed in this video to differentiate the two. By Ronald Sahyouni.

Somatosensory homunculus

VIDEO 5:15 minutes
In this video, I review the somatosensory homunculus, which is basically a "topological" representation of the body in the brain. By Ronald Sahyouni.

Proprioception and kinesthesia

VIDEO 5:18 minutes
The differences between propioception (sense of body position) and kinesthesia (sense of body movement) are discussed. By Ronald Sahyouni.

Pain and temperature

VIDEO 6:00 minutes
Explore our senses of pain & temperature. By Ron.