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Course: MCAT > Unit 3

Lesson 1: Chemical and physical sciences practice passage questions

Converging and diverging lenses in a lab


A student is conducting a lab experiment to determine the properties of a multiple lens system. She hopes that she will be able to develop an apparatus for a new microscope eyepiece. The lenses are fixed in place on an optical bench as seen in the diagram (Figure 1). A diverging lens is fixed at point C, and a converging lens is fixed at point E. With this set up, points B and D represent the focal points of the diverging lens, and points C and G represent the focal points of the converging lens. The distance between adjacent lettered points on this optical bench is 10cm.
Figure 1. The lab setup by the student, including the converging and diverging lens.
With this arrangement, the student places an object at different points on the optical bench and stands to the right of the arrangement past point I. Once the object is in place, the student looks through the lenses and observes the image created by the multiple lens system.
If the student were to place an object at point B, where would the image be seen by the student?
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