Reflection and refraction

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4D: Reflection and refraction of light rays allow us to take in the visual world around us. Perhaps you have seen surgeons outfitted with magnifying glasses in order for them to grasp the tiniest vessels of the body. And if you’ve ever looked in a mirror to comb your hair in the morning, you’ve benefited from the power of a reflective mirror. You may have also noticed that things look different when seen underwater. We will explore how light rays bend as they penetrate surfaces like water or reflect as they meet surfaces like that of a mirror.

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Specular and diffuse reflection

VIDEO 11:00 minutes
Specular and Diffuse Reflection

Specular and diffuse reflection 2

VIDEO 7:41 minutes
Specular and Diffuse Reflection 2

Refraction and Snell's law

VIDEO 14:24 minutes
Refraction and Snell's Law

Refraction in water

VIDEO 4:24 minutes
Refraction in Water

Snell's law example 1

VIDEO 10:44 minutes
Snell's Law Example 1

Snell's law example 2

VIDEO 11:25 minutes
Snell's Law Example 2

Total internal reflection

VIDEO 7:55 minutes
Critical incident angle and total internal reflection


VIDEO 2:15 minutes