Redox Reactions

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4E: You’re the resident on call in the wards of the hospital and have been receiving calls all day long. When you finally plug in your phone for charging, a redox reaction takes place to refuel its battery. At one terminal of the battery, a reaction is producing free electrons, while the other end absorbs these electrons. We will delve into the mechanics of this elegant process - part of the reason we are able to live in an increasingly wireless world - in this tutorial.

Redox reactions questions

Questions pertaining to redox reactions

Oxidizing and reducing agents

VIDEO 8:30 minutes
How to identify the oxidizing and reducing agents.


VIDEO 5:03 minutes
Assigning oxidation states for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, a disproportionation reaction.

Balancing redox reactions in acid

VIDEO 12:04 minutes
How to balance a redox reaction in acid.

Balancing redox reactions in base

VIDEO 14:02 minutes
How to balance a redox reaction in base.